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Master Data Management (MDM) is a relatively new term for an issue that has been worrying organizations for years: the need to obtain and distribute consistent data through different systems, databases and departmental applications, overcoming technological and organizational barriers to obtain a unified data view across the company and even, by extension, its business environment (suppliers, partners, affiliates, etc.). Although the problem is not new, MDM has very quickly become the main strategic focus for many organizations worldwide, as shown by the increasing number of papers issued about this subject, organizations and technology suppliers that work in it and analyst studies done on this new discipline. Proof of the way it has burst onto the scene is that, according to…

Data Management in Financial Organizations Looks to MDM
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Master Data Management (MDM) is a new management model gradually attracting more interest among professionals concerned with excellence in data governance. MDM responds directly to one of the major requirements of any organisation at the managerial level, i.e., the need to obtain and distribute consistent data through different systems, databases and departmental applications in a way that breaks down technological and organisational barriers alike. MDM delivers a unified data view across the company itself and by extension to its business environment (suppliers, affiliates, partners, etc.). The banking sector has long been characterised as a pioneer in the introduction of technological breakthroughs and improvements and is also one of the industries developing MDM strategies most aggressively. For any financial organisation, good…

Big Data & Hadoop – Technical fundamentals
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In recent years we have seen an unprecedented growth of digital data volume. To be sure, in 2005 the largest data warehouse in the world had an estimated capacity of 100 terabytes, which today would seem insignificant compared to 15 Petabytes (15.000 TB) of data that are estimated (or were estimated, given its growth rate) to be handled by Facebook, the 5 PB of eBay, or the 2.5 PB of Wal-Mart. A recent survey by IDC (International Data Corporation) noted that in 2010, the amount of digital information in the world had already passed the Zettabyte ( TB). Far from moderating this growth, the same research group forecasts an exponential acceleration in the storage of data, reaching in 2015 towards…

The Role of MDM in the Strategy of a Telecommunications Service Provider
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Ever since telecommunications users changed from subscribers into customers, telecommunications operators have worked to align their strategies and evolve from network operators to true value service providers. It is no longer a question of seeing what they can sell to the customers but rather knowing what they want and being able to offer it in the shortest time possible and at a reasonable cost and better than the competitors’. Telecommunications customers for better or worse are disloyal by definition. Particularly on a market like Spain’s where it is relatively easy to change provider operators must face a number of different challenges in order to become a leader service provider. On one hand, they have to seek convergence between networks and…

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